Asup Custom Dressage Set Ruby

Asup - Anna Scarpati Custom Design

Unique set from Anna Scarpati! White saddle pad and ear bonnet with triple Swarovski details and a stunning black/silver binding on the Ruby color.

The inside of the saddle pad has a waffle pattern for a optimal circulation and sweat absorption. The shape of the pad will give a perfect fitting for your horse, he will love it as much as you will! 

Hand made in Italy!

This set is complete with Saddlepad, Ear bonnet and 4 bandages

Size: Dressage - Full


Custom made set from Asup. This uinque set from Anna Scarpati is one of a kind! Ruby basic color, triple Swarovksi and a beautiful finish with the black/silver binding. 

Designed by you, made by Celeris Custom Shop!