OnTyte Precision placement sole

The OnTyte™ Magnetic Stirrup & Boot System works by creating a non-binding magnetic grip between the stirrup footpad and riding boot sole.

The magnetic attraction is enough to give a rider extra Security, Control & Confidence when riding, while also allowing for easy dismount at any time, including during a fall or emergency. ONTYTE helps all riders to improve the Performance, Quality & Enjoyment of their riding.

Celeris will fit OnTyte soles during production.
Designed by you, made by Celeris.


Nederlandse ruiters die gebruik maken van OnTyte: Adelinde Cornelisson, Joyce Heuitink, Rixt van der Horst, Nicole Den Dulk (ambassadrice Celeris), Jur Vrieling, Robbert Ehrens.

Internationaal in de FEI top 50 maken de volgende ruiters gebruik van OnTyte: Scott Brash, Nick Skelton, Luciana Diniz, Edwina Tops-Alexander, Pieter Devos (ambassadeur Celeris), Michael Whitaker, Darragh Kenny, Lauren Hough, Laura Kraut, Jessica Springsteen.

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