Piggy Proof Premium Protector 02 for Leather 150 ml

Piggy Proof is world’s most advanced protection formula for (imitation) leather footwear, clothing, bags and furniture.

The durable, easy-to-clean protective layer repels liquids, mud and dirt, prevents the forming of stains and increases the resistance in wear and tear. Piggy Proof is scentless, water-based and 100% invisible.

Application areas

This product protects every individual fiber with thousands of molecules and is suitable for (imitation) leather and combination leather with absorbent materials. Not suitable for patented or greased leather.

Use Piggy Proof Premium Protector for Absorbent Fabrics and Suede for absorbing materials.


Instructions for use

Preferable use on new material. See to a clean and dry surface, Spray the material from 10 - 15 cm till moist. Let product set and reapply within one hour. Let dry for 24 hours at room temperature. Rub well with a dry clean cloth. Test beforehand on an invisible part.

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